Call of Duty: Ghosts “ONSLAUGHT” Map Pack 1 – NEW GUNS, Extinction & MORE! – (COD Ghost DLC)

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Call of Duty: Ghosts “ONSLAUGHT” Map Pack 1 info! 😀 ○ NEW GUN leak – ○ NEW MAPS leak – Call of Duty:…


Ali-A says:

Hopefully the new Gun kick-ass and the Extinction mode maps are good! :D

MinecrafterChris says:

They should have a terminal map DLC =D

Anthony Houston says:

I think they should make a revolving sniper. ya know like a magnum

ExiledEnigma says:


RavetsU says:

H&K416or417 would be so awesome <3

Nick Brazda says:

looks like the commando,Since it has that leather strap. Deffinetly is an
Assault Rifle

ilikefood435 says:

I love how people just name off weapons from previous cods. Just because
you’ve played cod doesn’t mean you know what the gun is. Stfu.

lonnie thomas says:

Can’t wait and the gun looks like a shotgun

Chris Boshinski says:

They need back Highrise from MW2.

Richard Olivito says:

How you get that I got season
pass but I don’t got dlc maps or gun
just mask and camo and reticle

Kate Hebert says:

How do you make the special effects

Lewis Santos says:

how do u get the christmas camo

LuthisPortal says:

Wonder when the DLC Maps dome and scrapyard is coming! 

FaTal Medz says:

intervention pleas

CamoGamer123 . says:

that looks like smg or shotgun.

crappygaming inc. says:

2 was an smg

Brandon Humphries says:


werewolfpixies123 says:

Do you think that the season pass is worth it?
Please reply. :)

Tommykiller321 says:

It’s a submgun

alvin alba says:

Hope they bring back the intervention 

Candy Nova says:

there was 2 guns in bo2 the peacekeeper and ray gun mrk II 

Dingleberry says:

1000th comment

Husnain Shahzad says:

The front looks like an acr and the back looks like an ak

EvilRidingHood says:

The closest thing I can match this gun with is the SIG 553.
It’s not a shotgun, it’s not an AK variant, and it’s definitely not an SMG.

Michael Soucek says:

This guy is so over rated

masterchief788 says:

It would be pretty cool if they add ak47 , scarh , mp7 and all the boss

Enrique Torres says:

Ali a it is probably the gun is from the underwater mission campaign it
looks like it

MGTDrifter says:

They should do a bow and arrow gun dlc

Tom Kershaw says:

The commando was an m4 prototype u freakin moron. 

SuperSpaceVortex01 says:

Looks like a ak47 another assault rifle 🙁

Coherent Mint says:

I thought this video would

Tyrell Edwards says:

Ali A your awesome

weegary100 says:

rear end looks like a old thompson and the front looks kinda like an m4a1

Holocaustsurviver says:

They should add the TAR-21 and the Uzi Pro. Both are awsome guns from

lilrow420 says:

Do more dead rising

Luis Meraz says:

How much money does it cost

Ryan Warstler says:

They shouldnt add any auto-matic stuff, they should add a new sniper or
they should return the python :)

AppelJaxMan says:

The weapon is a shotgun judging by stock and barrel

monkeymafia729 says:

Extinction is a joke

Mylo dell says:

1:21 ninja :D

Jørgen Øie Mek says:

I like de mp55 fro bo1

HoYoung Jeon says:

Why don’t u do funtage a

M1sTgaming1 says:

i hope they bring back ak47 and acr

MMNSavatage says:

That DLC gun looks like an MAK-90 google it 

Braulio Cerda Silva says:

Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion and Nemesis Its O.D.I.N.

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