Black Ops 2 Zombies: ‘Origins’ Live w/Syndicate Part 1

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123456789harlem02 says:

Hey tom (syndicate) ur like deja vu, whenever I need a new zombie map to watch ur THEE 1st first person I watch

minato0943 says:


123456789harlem02 says:

Hey Tom,(syndicate) ive been a fan 4 about 2 years and ur like deja vu, wen I need a zombie m0game to watch your

Saunders RS says:

Seriously, fuck off.

FerdigGaming says:

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ben smith says:

Oh the germans like to fuck up

RadiatedSuperNova says:


A Iron Dot says:

zombies ignore you

A Iron Dot says:

its in the dlc for black ops 2

Lewis Carpenter says:

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minato0943 says:


rabidrabbit305 says:

ive never seen him play as nicolai

pugler18 says:

Dude, I was just watching your video, WHOOOOAH

xdronefire says:

does any one noticed that Samantha went from german to american 

TheLimnexs says:

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Francesco Bubba says:

sexy bitch

Maya Feliz says:

You cool

Barney Smith says:

the mp40 was always a good headshot gun

Cj Mason says:

a7x ftw

Elite360noscoper says:

what does zombie blood do?

Lewis Carpenter says:

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A Iron Dot says:

With the power of element 115! 

mendez13andy says:

How did u get origins with microsoftpoints or paypal.

HalmarkOSX says:

how would you have a giant robot in 1918?

STFA Aiden says:

how would you have any of these guns in 1918?!

xZippeh says:

say they are 20 in this….In black ops 1 that means they are 70 o.o

ryan schohn says:

Me and my brother called takeo tikapoo

adolforfelix says:

Stfa how did they get the ballista in this map? Huh. Dumbass

javiM1998 says:

I think its trying to communicate

STFA Aiden says:

how would the germans have an stg44 when it was made in 1944 and this is 1918, hmm logic

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